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Dumpster Rental Services:

  • Standard Roll-off Containers
  • Elite Roll-off Containers (dumpster and portable toilets all integrated into dumpster)
  • 20 Yard Dumpsters (8’W x 4.5’H x 22’L)
  • 30 Yard Dumpsters (8’W x 6’H x 22’L)
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Dumpster Rental Types & Sizes

If you are homeowner looking for dumpster rental somewhere in Scott, Carver, or Dakota counties, you are in the right place! We have been serving homeowners for decades now, and we have established a high-quality reputation because of the excellent service we have focused on providing. Our containers come in a variety of sizes and types, so no matter what project you may have in mind, we have the container ready for you to rent. We highlight some specific types of projects that you could need a rental for below. Give our team of experts a call today if you need our residential services!

You will be in good hands with our trained professionals who have been working in this industry for decades. We make sure to communicate proactively with our customers, so you will continually be up to speed on the status of your rental, along with the guidelines we have set in place when it comes to waste removal along with best practices for waste removal. If you have any questions throughout your rental process, please call us and our team of professionals will be able to answer your questions and provide you assistance any time you work with us.

Red dumpster being placed on the street of residential area
blue dumpster is being rented for commercial job site

How to decide what dumpster size is right for you?

1. What type of project are you working on? Answering this question will help as you begin your dumpster renting shopping experience. There are a variety of types and sizes when it comes to renting this dumpster containers, so you’ll want to have a good idea on the full scope of your project. We have seen some customers work on more projects than they originally intended because the scope of their effort expanded once they had a dumpster on their property. All that said, we recommend taking time to consider all the projects you might choose to work on during your rental.

2. How much debris or waste will be created? – This can be a difficult question to answer as sometimes there can be more debris or waste than you originally intended. We recommend asking this question so you aren’t completely caught by surprise and you also don’t end up ordering a dumpster that is too small for your project. You will want a big enough dumpster so that you don’t go over the weight or height limits that have been set for our container rentals. You also want to make sure you are only putting in materials that meet our guidelines for what we can haul away. We will go over this list with you before you sign the contract to work with us.

3. How long do you need to rent the dumpster? – The reason this question is helpful as the longer you rent a dumpster, the more likely you are to fill up space you have available to you. A quick weekend project isn’t likely to take up as much space as an ongoing remodel project. The longer you have the dumpster, the more likely you will be filling it up with more than you originally intended.